Punjabi folk singer Satinder Sartaj to work against human trafficking


AMRITSAR: Besides entertaining, Punjabi folk singer Satinder Sartaj is now all set to help check human trafficking which could help scores of Indians especially Punjabis falling prey to illegal trade and eventually landing in jails or spending lives as slaves after United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) picked the singer for its project ‘Blue Heart Campaign’.

In recent past more than 30 artists from around the world including include Ozark Henry, Karmin, Joss Stone, Jack Atlantis, Tisha Campbell, Steve London and Lee England joined hands against human trafficking and released an album ‘Music to Inspire’ which was launched by label Rukus Avenue at UN Office in New York by President of the General Assembly Peter Thompson, informed Sammy Chand who owns label Rukus Avenue on Thursday . He said that all the proceeds would go to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for victims of trafficking in persons.
Stating that human trafficking was one of the most shameful practices in present day and was also the genesis of child labor and sexual slavery, Chand said that the horrifying figure of 168 million children who works as laborers and 73 million under the age of 10 itself explains the seriousness of the situation and calls for an urgent action to eradicate the human trafficking from the face of the world.
About Blue Heart campaign, Satinder Sartaaj explained that the Blue Heart represents the sadness of those who are trafficked while reminding us of the cold-heartedness of those who buy and sell fellow human beings. There were 30 million human-trafficked slavesand 80% of them are are women, he said
Chand informed that Satinder Sartaaj was also going to make his Hollywood debut with ‘The Black Prince’, a movie based on the last king of Punjab, Maharaja Duleep Singh.

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LONDON Live 26-3-16


LONDON Live 26-3-16#LONDON was Amazing.. Dekho zra Wilayatiaa’n de Rang.. last night in Southampton interaction with audience was so Beautiful..Thanx for this Love to #UK Tour 2016. Today Mon.28th March at #GLASGOW City Hall 7pm. aajaao Hum-huma ke ji #HazaareyWalaMunda paunch gea Tuhade Shehar ‘ch.. #Sartaaj

Posted by Satinder Sartaaj on Monday, March 28, 2016

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Wolverhampton Live UK 25-3-16


Wolverhampton Live UK 25-3-16Last Night #Wolverhampton Grand Theatre Show was Ecstatic..Packed..Enthralled.. 3Hours without a breath break..This was the 1st Show of #HazaareyWalaMunda #UK Tour 2016..Today @ #Apollo #London.. so grab your tickets & be there.. Wilayatiaa’n di Mohabbat de Sadqe ~ #Sartaaj

Posted by Satinder Sartaaj on Saturday, March 26, 2016

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Satinder Sartaaj – Hazaarey Wala Munda | Official Teaser


Another Album Hazaarey Wala Munda By Satinder Sartaaj

Album – Hazaarey Wala Munda
Song – Hazaarey Wala Munda
Artist – Satinder Sartaaj [ https://www.facebook.com/SatinderSartaaj ] Lyrics – Satinder Sartaaj
Music – Jatinder Shah
Edit – Gobindpuriya
D.O.P – Honey Cam
Film By – Sandeep Sharma
Art By – Kabir Shah [ https://www.facebook.com/lakhwindershah ] Label – SHEMAROO ENT.

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Satinder Sartaaj NEW ALBUM: HAMZA


Sartinder Sartaaj talks about his latest album, Hamza. Discover what the word itself means, how it applies to this album and its lead song as well as other interesting tidbits of info about this latest release.

Album consists of seven Sufi songs with a blend of meaningful lyrics to help you connect with the Almighty

Chandigarh, July 7. Punjabi Sufi singer Dr. Satinder Sartaaj is one artist who keeps treating his fans with meaningful messages through his songs. Once again, the singer is ready with another set of seven songs into an album titled ‘Hamza’. His songs this time again are certainly going to connect the listeners with the Almighty and that is what the purpose is. The album was released by Firdaus Production on Tuesday in the city in the presence of Sartaaj himself and the media fraternity.

Every song of the album consists of a social or spiritual message and has been penned by Sartaaj himself. He said, “This is the definition of Sufi – pure, selfless and meaningful. The world has the best luxuries of its times but at the same time there are lot of sufferings. Ultimately, we all have to depend on the Absolute and this is what I keep in mind while writing my songs. The words connect to every individual’s life as they have come from their inspiration only. I am just like a medium.”

The first song ‘Bahuta Sochi Na’ inspires one not to run after material things more than one’s need. Also the poet is telling not to hurt others’ sentiments in this material race. The second number ‘Din Veervaar De’ explains a soul’s desire of spending time with the super soul and also work according to His liking. ‘Pind Mud Chaliye’ is the third in the list which gives a social message of connecting back to the nature by taking care of the greenery and the other lives around.

Song number four is titled ‘Ambron Paar’ talks about the presence of the Almighty in every single particle, every single drop and even in every single grain of sand. Fifth song ‘Aapne Gunaah’ talks about the bad deeds which a human does unintentionally. It teaches not to do anything bad even in ignorance and inspires one to proceed to good karma. ‘Jazbe’ is the sixth song in the lineup which remembers the roohaniyat of Sufis like Sheikh Farid, Khusro and Mansoor and talks about learning from their spiritual teachings.

Album’s last song ‘Hamza’ portrays human being as a character with Sufi feeling. He is like a traveler in this destructible world who continues to travel even in unfriendly circumstances. The song teaches to be grounded and pray to the Almighty who seems to be far but actually is very close to our hearts and soul.

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